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A Fresh Look on Writing Hamlet Essays and Thesis

All the plays written by William Shakespeare are considered to be immortal. They were written many centuries ago, and still today they are popular. Students write essays and even theses on them. And that’s not only because they are genius. They touch upon the topics that bother any society. You can be asked to write an essay about the relationship between children and parents, about friendship, about love. All those topics are reflected in Shakespeare’s plays. And you can write your essay or even thesis using examples from the plays.

One of the best known Shakespeare’s works is Hamlet. It is popular not only among readers, but also among the professors. Thesis writing on Shakespeare’s plays, essay writing, and all the other assignments are often given to the students. You think that all those topics are dull and you won’t be able to write your thesis or essay about his plays? You are wrong, I must admit! You should take a fresh look on those old problems!

For example, let’s take the topic of love. It is usually very interesting to write hamlet essays or even thesis on it. You can make a really hot discussion in your thesis. Did Hamlet actually love that girl, Ophelia? You may say that the answer is totally clear! But if you are writing a thesis, you can make a profound analysis on this issue. Take a look at this problem from a different angle.

Maybe, the prince was even incapable of loving? His heart was broken into pieces by those he trusted. Throughout the story Hamlet is full of grief; his existence was a real nightmare. He was a very contradictory person, and so were his words. For example, he said to Ophelia “I did love you once”. And some lines later you will read “I loved you not!” Where is the truth? And the mental and psychological state of Hamlet is also quite interesting. After all those terrible events could he possibly dedicate himself to another person? Try to think over it!

And if you don’t like writing about someone’s feelings and thoughts, try to think over that complicated political situation in the country. Try to connect it to the main hero’s inner world. As you see, writing an essay, a thesis or any other paper about such a contradictory figure is very interesting and challenging!

The next time you are told to write a thesis or, probably, a term paper on Hamlet, think non-typically! All the topics from Shakespeare’s plays are eternal. And you can always prove it in your thesis! As you see, even the question of love between Hamlet and Ophelia is ambiguous! Get interested in your thesis writing and do your best to make your thesis interesting and captivating!

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