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A Step-by-step Guide for Writing Essays

The Internet is a powerful tool that can give you anything you want to know, and if you try to search for “essay writing lessons” online, thousands of results will probably show up. It may be very informative, but going through all of them is very time-consuming, and most likely you will end up learning very little, or not learning anything at all. For that purpose, we have prepared a short guide below to help you write your essays more effectively. These short lessons will help save your time while teaching you the most important rules in essay writing.

  1. Finalize your topic. It is convenient if you were given one, but if left to your own devices, always picks a topic that you find interesting and are familiar with. Because if you are going to write an essay in which you have interest then you can easily get the desired results from the reader of essay otherwise you can easily be rejected.
  2. Choose a position. Do not only state the facts; also state your views and opinions. Are you pro or con, in favor of it or not?
  3. Support your view. Build a good supporting body for your chosen position, and make sure that you include credible information by quoting your sources.
  4. Pick your sources carefully. You might have found one particular article on the Internet to support your stand, but are you sure it’s credible? Limit your sources to academic journals and reliable articles—you would not want to appear as if you were fooling your readers.
  5. Structure your paper. Make sure that your essay has a good flow; it is not enough to write all the necessary parts and just compile them in the end. There should be a good transition between the sections, and logic as well.
  6. Most important of all, be creative. If you were able to spin an entire web from just a single, thin piece of thread while sticking to your views and remaining credible, you will surely be commended.
  7. As a way to practice, you can read compilations of essays that you can find in books or online hubs. You can also try to write when you have spare time. This will always be the best way to hone your skills, and turn you into an excellent essay writer.

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