How to Write a Five Paragraph Essay

There are a lot of types of essays and a plenty of forms of academic writing. Some of them may be liked by your teacher or professor, others are not. However, your writing can never be right or wrong. What you need is just to pick up three or more arguments and back them up with facts to prove your statement. If you proved your statement well, the essay will be successful.

It’s All about Structure

A five paragraph essay is a basic essay for a high school and college. Accordingly, such type of essay consists of five paragraphs:

  • Introduction
  • Paragraph One
  • Paragraph Two
  • Paragraph Three
  • Conclusion

Certainly, the size of such an essay may vary greatly, therefore the amount of paragraphs can be increased.

Grab the Attention of Your Reader at the Beginning…

Each paragraph of the custom essay has several rules to follow. The introduction should conclude general information related to the topic, or an interesting story, or a quotation.  The most important thing is to grab the attention of your reader and give him a hint what the essay is about.

Body paragraphs should be opened with a transitional sentence. Each paragraph can contain only one statement or argument to prove your topic. If you overload your paragraphs with the information, the essay will be difficult to read.

…and Summarize the Information in the End

A conclusion should wrap-up your essay and summarize the information you provided above. Your words should sound confidently, your reader should believe your proofs. You can add some small pieces of information to your conclusion, but you must show up a closing tag-line, a concluding mini-statement here. You custom essay should have a finished look with your conclusion.

Few More Useful Tips to Remember

Remember, that your essay must be well researched. Choose only reliable facts and true evidence.  Devote enough attention to the conclusion, because it is the most important part of the essay. Even the best custom essay will have a messy confusing look without a proper conclusion.

There are two more details to remember for an academic writing: don’t use pronouns “I” or “you”, unless it is allowed. Never use contractions in formal writing.

Write Essay – Make Your Writing Even Better

Writing a good essay is an art. It is the art of words. Write essays more often and you will increase your mastery, because only practice makes perfect. Take care of your writer, make your essay interesting and easy to read, and your writer never forgets you.

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