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How to Deal with Cause and Effect Essay

Cause and effect essay is a widespread essay taught in high school and in college. Such essay should represent causes and effects of a phenomenon. Considerably, the first thing to do is to choose the topic you’re going to write about, and then make a list of causes and effects.

Remember, that causes can be determined by the question “Why did this happen?” while effects answer the question “What happened because of this?” You can speak of one cause and multiple effects, or multiple causes and one effect, it doesn’t matter. There can be a situation, when one cause leads to the situation, which causes another effect. Such chain of causes and effects is called casual chain, or domino effect.

What to Start From?

The first thing to do is to determine causes and effects related to the situation you’re going to speak about. The best way to deal with it is to make a list. However, don’t make your list too overloaded with causes and effects. The amount of points, discussed in the essay should depend on the length of your essay. Usually describing of 2-3 major points is enough for a good student’s cause and effect essay.

After you have already chosen your topic and prepared the list of facts (causes and effects), you’re ready to start writing your cause and effect essay. The best practice is to create a plan of your essay, and then follow it.

Cause and Effect Essay Organization

Open your cause and effect essay with the thesis statement that presents the event. It’s a good idea to write a small introduction as well, making your story more exciting to read. Afterwards, you can go straight to describing causes and effects.

Usually, an average essay consists of an introduction with a statement, three or four paragraphs with major points, and a conclusion. Each paragraph should contain only one idea, otherwise the essay will have a confusing look.

Each paragraph should be opened by the statement and followed with supporting ideas. Accordingly, an average cause and effect essay contains three or four causes and effects.

An Art of Making a Conclusion

Cause and effect essay should be closed with a logical conclusion. It should contain a brief reminding of the main ideas and provide the overall idea of the essay. Your reader should be able to summarize his or her thoughts, and create a general opinion about the essay.

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