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How to Write a Critical Essay

Writing a critical essay means describing your detached opinion on any work of arts, based on a careful analysis of facts and events, represented by it. However, a critical essay should stress the work more than your personal opinion. All claims, indicated in the essay, have to be supported by the evidence.

A huge bonus of a critical essay is a possibility to show up your opinion freely. Your professors are supposed to assess your arguments rather than agree or disagree with your thoughts. Thus, as soon as you use impeccable evidence and combine it with a strong structure and proper language, your critical essay will be successful.

Steps to Follow When Writing a Critical Essay

Writing a critical essay is a very important skill for every educated person. On the other hand, it is a difficult work, requiring enough time and efforts. Here is a certain workflow to help you to create a strong critical essay:

1.       Review the work you’re going to write about. Choose a topic and research it carefully.

2.       Browse through your sources to detach interesting and relevant information.

3.       Summarize the information you have and annotate the sources for the future reference.

4.       Formulate a thesis, due to your information. For example, it can be a critical question your paper is going to answer.

5.       Develop the structure of your critical essay, or a least a rough outline. This helps to make your writing consistent.

6.       Write a rough conclusion.

7.       Write the body of your critical essay and review it.

8.       Put aside your rough paper for a day or so.

9.       Revise your draft. Pay attention to your thesis and facts, use imagination to make your introduction interesting, check facts and work out the conclusion accurately.

10.   Re-read your critical essay for any grammar or spelling mistakes.

Several Useful Writing Tips

There are few tips to remember while writing a critical essay. Firstly, narrow your topic as much as possible. As all your ideas must be proven by strong evidence, it’s simpler to pick proper evidence to a particular topic than to a general one. Use a separate paragraph for each point you analyze. Don’t forget about transitions – this improves the general flow of your essay. Check if the information in each paragraph is well-organized and the facts are reliable.

Finally, proofread your essay carefully! Mechanical errors can decrease your credibility. At least, but not last, cite the sources appropriately (MLA format of citation is usual one for critical essays).

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