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Deductive Essay Writing Tips

Deductive essay is often used to evaluate the students’ level of knowledge. You have to know the topic well and be able to draw reasonable conclusions to write a solid deductive essay. Obviously, this type of essay is based on deduction, i.e. the ability to draw conclusions about a particular subject, based on your general knowledge and experience.

In fact, this way of thinking is widely used in our everyday life. For example, when we see the snow in the street out of the window, we know that it’s cold outside. This knowledge is based on the physics (snow melts when the temperature is above zero, conversely the temperature is below zero when everything is covered with snow out there) and on our experience (every time when it snows, the weather is cold). Thus, we use a deduction to come up with a particular idea, based on the general knowledge.

Getting Started with a Deductive Essay

The aim of a deductive essay is to describe certain circumstances, taking into account different other factors, weigh all the information and give a reasonable conclusion. Thus, the most important thing in writing a deductive essay is reasoning. Ideally, each paragraph concentrates on a certain point and leads to a specific conclusion.

Generally, a deductive essay is formulated out of three parts: premise, evidence and conclusion. Premise should contain the basic idea, which is the main to draw conclusions from. It goes without saying, the premise can contain more than one idea – it depends on the topic.

The evidence represents the pieces of information on the topic, for example, scientific facts or articles. The evidence is followed by a conclusion, which sums up the evidence with the premise. Normally, the conclusion is a proof of the premise. The conclusion is a final stage of analysis, therefore it must be logical and reasonable.

Polishing a Deductive Essay

A successful deductive essay should be clear and unambiguous, so re-read your essay carefully. Make sure, your evidence is proven, and all points are focused on the premise. When there are a lot of facts in the evidence, between the premise and the conclusion, it’s recommended to start writing backwards, i.e. from the conclusion to the premise. Keep your logical chain clear and understandable – this is the most probable way to write a successful deductive essay.

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