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How to Deal with a Definition Essay

Definition essay is one of the simplest essays to write. The main goal of a definition essay is to explain what the term means. You can talk about anything you want, both abstract and concrete, ranging from friendship or honesty to water and ground. Remember, that personal approach has a crucial meaning in writing such an essay. You can speak in a friendly and humorous voice, you can cite different examples and provide various examples. Enjoy writing your definition essay and your writer will definitely enjoy reading it.

Suitable Topic: Well-known, Narrowed, Interesting

Choosing the topic is the only difficulty for a definition essay. As it’s understandable out of the name, you should tell your reader about the topic in a comprehensive and interesting way. Certainly, using a dictionary will be useful, but it won’t be enough just to cite it. Otherwise, your essay will be too pedantic, thus boring. Therefore, being at least well-acquainted to your topic is a must.

There is one useful tip: don’t pick too general topics, because these are very difficult to define. After you are ready with the topic, you can formulate the thesis. Thesis statement opens the definition essay, and it usually contains the term that will be defined and its brief definition.

Make It Simple

Make your definition essay educational and exciting at the same time, explain the term to your reader in the clearest way. There are several ways to define your term:

  • By function: you can tell your reader what your term does and how
  • By structure: you can talk about the organization of your term
  • By analysis: you can compare your term to anything else and underline the features of your term that stand out
  • By negations: you can tell your reader what your term is not, and what it doesn’t do – this can help to define its special features
  • By origins and causes: you can tell how your term was discovered and what was the cause of its appearance
  • By results and effects: you can speak about the effects of your term on the future of humanity, or future science, etc.

Don’t Forget to Add Some Wit

Keep in mind, that definition essay should be very personal. Add exciting examples, cite interesting facts, and use anecdotes, which are closely related to the topic. This will help to make your definition essay unique and memorable.

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