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Expository Essay: It Is All about the Analysis

Expository essay is an essay used to be written to analyze the event or situation. The information should be represented fairly and in details, avoiding any criticism. Therefore, an expository essay is not a “students only” essay, it is often used at universities and in scientific researches. Thus, by writing expository essays you can develop strong analytical thinking, which is very useful to build a successful career.

Three Principles to Follow

So, we came to a conclusion that you need to analyze the topic in your expository essay. Let’s discuss the outline of work.

Firstly, study your topic carefully (or read the book, if you need to write an expository essay based on a certain book). Understand the reasoning of the author, mark out the facts, used to support the thesis and underline main ideas.

Secondly, read another article or book on the same topic, just to put the information you’ve got, into another context.

At last, but not least, write down your analysis and conclusions you arrived with. Make sure, your reasoning is based on proper facts, and your conclusions are clear and understandable. Remember, that your readers should not be guessing, what you want to say. You have to write everything you’ve come up with, to create a successful expository essay.

Organization of the Essay

After you’re ready with your topic, ideas, facts and conclusions, there is a need to think about a proper structure of the essay.

1.       Formulate your thesis statement. Make sure, the thesis is narrowed, and you are able to support it with your essay.

2.       Each paragraph should have a separate topic, and its sentences should be directly related to the topic. Remember, it is important to use transition sentences. This will make your writing more effective, reinforcing your logic.

3.       Formulate your conclusion, based on your main facts. It should be understandable, clear and memorable. Feel free to restate the thesis and the supporting ideas. However, never add new information to the conclusion.

Revise Your Essay Properly

After finishing with the writing, revise your essay. It will help you to find more precise words and sequence your paragraphs accurately. Make sure, your reasoning is logical, and your transitions make sense.

At the end, re-read your expository essay once more to find typographical errors and grammar mistakes. Remember, that even the best reasoned and structured essay will have a messy look when filled with spelling errors.

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