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Free Your Imagination and Release Your Creativity within the Informal Essay

Informal essay is one of the best essays ever! You can write anything you want, in a way you want. There are no restrictions and there is no certain structure to follow. At the same time, you should make your essay informative, you have to reveal a personal point of view and show your ability to write entertainingly. It goes without saying, the topic you choose for your informal essay, should be personal and substantial for you, but don’t choose very serious one.

However, there is still a need to formulate a proper thesis statement and come up with clear conclusions. Thus, there is a need to devote some time to designing your essay.

Few Useful Techniques of Writing Informal Essay

As the main goal of the informal essay is to share the author’s opinion, you should write your essay in a way to reveal your personality. Your reader should have a perception of a conversation, he or she should understand your philosophy and your vision well.

There are several writing techniques that can help you to create an exciting informal essay:

1.       Stressing the most important words is known as a compression. It is useful to mark out the most relevant ideas and underline the main idea of the essay.

2.       Inversion of time is used to speak about the middle of the event, and its consequences first, and then indicate the beginning of the event. Be careful when using time inversion, because using too much time inversion can cause ruining the entire structure of the essay and make it fluffy.

3.       Suspense creation is great to use to increase the attention of your reader until the end of your essay. This technique is widely used in fictional stories by creating the atmosphere of uncertainty within the essay.

4.       Withholding technique is the art of forcing the readers to ask themselves various questions while reading the essay. At the same time, the author withholds information.

Some Useful Tips

As the author of the informal essay, you should remember to speak about what happens rather than why it happens. In the introduction, you can give a hint to your reader about the topic of the essay. The body of the essay should contain the information of the events that happened. Your conclusion should explain to the reader, why this topic has a significant meaning for you.

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