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Literature Essay Writing Guide

Literature essay is often referred to a literary criticism or analysis. It combines basic techniques of critical, comparison and analytical essays. So, if you are familiar with these types of essays, writing a literature essay will make no difficulty for you. The main goal of the essay is to evaluate the analytical and critical skills of the student, his/her language and how well he/she deals with literature terms. You should also demonstrate understanding of the author’s point of view as well as his/her language.

Avoid the Traps

Literature essay can be written about any specimen of the world’s literature: poetry or drama, a novel or a story. Therefore, the first thing to do is to read it. Don’t sift through the critical inquiries, because you are supposed to reveal your own opinion about this specimen and show the knowledge of the plot in your literature essay. However, don’t fall into the simple retelling of the text – it is the most widespread mistake made by students. Be sure to come up with the answer on your question (your topic) in the end, because it is easy to forget what the starting point was in the middle of the essay.

To avoid all these mistakes and write a successful literature essay you need to create a brief plan of your work, and then move forward to the outline. Only after that you can do your writing.

Follow the Outline

Usually, literature essay organization is pretty the same as in all academic essays:

1.       Introduction

2.       Paragraphing: around six main points about the text, with supporting facts and evidence. Each point should be described in a separate paragraph (or two paragraphs). Don’t forget about transitions: they must be smooth in your essay.

3.       Conclusion: put all the information together and present the accurate answer on the question, defined by your topic.

Important Things to Take Care of

When you are ready with your rough outline, you are welcome to start your writing. Feel free to be creative, but don’t forget about formal language. Having your own opinion about any literature work is only a bonus for you, if you are able to proof it. Use strong evidence, pick up interesting supporting facts and develop the ideas clearly. Thus, your opinion will be appreciated and respected. Remember, that your professors are likely to see how literature touches you personally, because different people are affected differently.

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