How to Write an Effective Narrative Essay

Writing a narrative essay refers to creating a story, often the story based on the author’s memories and experience. Thus, creating an interesting narrative essay requires enough thinking, to choose the topic of your story and to remember the thoughts and events you’re going to share with your reader.

You are free to share your past experience as well as the recent events or feelings. You can also share something that happened to somebody else, like your parent or grandparent. There is one important detail: think about your conclusion in the beginning. Point the main idea of your narrative story, think of what is the goal of sharing it. This will help you to provide all necessary ideas.

Generally, the amount of ideas to share with the reader is immense, so you really need to create a brief plan of your future narrative essay. Remember, that narrative essay should provide the emotions of the author as well as his/her thoughts, so prepare sensory details to get your reader really involved in the story.

Following the Conventions of Storytelling

Formulate your story in a unique and memorable way, following the general organization at the same time. Remember, that every narrative essay should have a plot, a character (characters), setting, a climax, and ending. Add bright details to embellish your story and illustrate the events. On the other hand, don’t forget to keep your details, events and experience described closely related to your main point.

Remember about the main principle of writing the narrative essays: you should recreate the story, not retell it. At the same time, you should be relying on the concrete details to prove your point. The details you use should create a very powerful and forceful effect.

Several Useful Tips

There are certain effective devices to use to enhance your narrative essay: using of dialogues and precise details throughout your story. This adds memorability and underlines the main idea of your story. Find the way to concern your reader with the topic, for example, use generalization, to make the point important for every human or for a certain group of people. On the other hand, making your point too general is not a good idea as well.

Make your narrative essay creative, use your own writing style and avoid cliché as much as you can. So, do everything to enjoy writing your essay, and your reader will be enjoying reading it.

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