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The Art of Writing a Personal Essay

Personal essays are necessary when you need to represent yourself to people who don’t know you at all. Therefore, personal essays are mostly often used to evaluate skills and overall experience of students applying to universities and colleges. Considerably, your personal essay is a written expression of your qualities for an evaluating committee. Thus, writing a successful personal essay has a crucial meaning for your educational career.

Issues to Cover in a Personal Essay

Before writing a personal essay, think of your strong and weak points. Decide which your features are distinguishing and useful for a successful career in the chosen field. Think carefully, why the evaluating committee should be interesting in you, indicate your career aspirations and motivation that caused your interest in the particular field.

It is also a great idea to study all your papers prepared for admission once more. Thus, you will be able to explain gaps in the education, if you have any. Furthermore, this helps to avoid duplications of the information. Don’t forget to mention the contests you were participating in, and your prizes, if you have any.

Organize Your Essay Properly

After you worked out what are you going to speak about, write your first rough draft. Keep in mind, that evaluating committee is used to seeing  thousands of personal essays, so it’s better for you to grab their attention with your introduction. It can be an anecdote, an interesting story, a proverb, or anything you want to start. However, keep your introduction closely related to the topic.

Formulate an interesting statement and pick the arguments to support it in the following paragraphs. Indicate all your strengths, but avoid things that are duplicating with other application forms. Try to show your personality in the most appropriate light for submission, but tell the truth only. Make your essay creative and memorable, avoid any cliches.

It’s all about Your Language

After you are ready with your essay, put it aside for some time. Then revise the information, think about your introduction, thesis and conclusion. Make sure, you don’t want to add or remove something. You may feel a need to precise something or add several interesting facts – it is a good sign. Then, re-read your essay once more and pay attention to your language. Make sure, you avoid biased expressions about politics, religion, ethnicity and sexist language.  At last, check your personal essay on typos, spelling and punctuation.

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