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How to Write a Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essay is an essay with the main goal to persuade your reader in something. Hence, your reader should believe that the point of view, described by your essay, is more legitimate than the others. It goes without saying, you need to represent briefly all the ideas about your topic. However, you should concentrate on the one you like. State different facts, provide strong evidence, use quotes of the experts and feel free to cite scientific articles. As soon as your logic is impeccable, your reasoning will be solid enough to make your reader agree with your point of view.

First Steps on the Way

At first you need to think about your topic carefully. You should choose the topic you know well and select the point of view you will be following. For example, you can describe the problem and suggest the solution. The next step to do is to pick your evidence. Gather all supporting facts and browse through them once more. Are your facts really supporting? Precise the information, you can even consult experts in the field to cite their quotes in your persuasive essay.

Before starting to write your essay, it is better to prepare a plan. This helps to structure your thoughts properly and makes your logic unquestionable. Select the evidence and facts you are going to use in your essay, and move straightforward to the organization.

How to Organize Your Essay

Write the catching introduction, which is closely related to the topic and presents the background of the idea. It is a must to finish your introduction with a thesis statement and your idea about it. The best advice here is to avoid hedging and be humorous.

Afterwards, you can move to paragraphing. Body paragraphs should represent your point and supporting evidence. Remember that each paragraph should contain only one idea and don’t forget to start it with a transition sentence.

It is a good sign to devote the last paragraph to describing opposing thoughts and accurately refuse them. Finish your essay with a conclusion, where you can restate the thesis and main supporting evidence, persuading your reader to agree with your ideas.

The Art of Creating a Grabbing Introduction

There is one little trick in writing persuasive essays: your introduction has to grabbing, it must intrigue your reader. There are certain techniques to do this. You can open your essay with:

  • Unusual detail
  • Unexpected statement
  • Quotation or anecdote
  • Statistic data
  • Question or exaggeration

As soon as you grab the attention of your audience, increase it even more at the end, and your persuasive essay will definitely be a successful one.

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