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Research Essay Writing Guide

Research paper is one of the most often used assignments in higher education. Its main idea is to teach students to do a strong research of a certain topic. Some professors are likely to give a list of topics, and you have a possibility to choose, while others provide only guidelines on the topic. In both cases, you should choose a narrow topic for your research essay. Broad topics are difficult to deal with, because you will have too much information to represent in one essay. Thus you can get too general essay. To avoid this trap, narrow your topic as much as you can. However, leave yourself enough room for the analysis.

Remember, that you shouldn’t read the sources and represent the information, you have to do the research, i.e. your professor wants to see your thoughts on the topic and see your reasoning. You have to show your ability to analyze the information and make conclusions.

Several Tips to Make Your Logic Clearer

Before writing a research essay, think about your topic and define the questions you are going to ask yourself to do the research properly. Thus you get a right sequence of paragraphs in the body. So, what about the structure of the research essay?

Obviously, we start with the introduction, where we provide background information on the topic and formulate the thesis statement (a question your research essay is going to answer).

The body of the research essay should consist of the paragraphs with the supporting ideas on your thesis statement. You can use different strategies of reasoning, like controversy (refusing the points of the opposite arguments) or create strong supporting evidence. However, pay attention to devote a separate paragraph or even two to each point.

Conclusion should provide your main arguments and the thesis statement, summarizing your research.

Language Issues

Before showing the research essay to your professor, make sure your facts and figures are checked and the information is truthful. Revise your essay and precise the introduction, conclusion and body paragraphs, if you feel a need to. Pay additional attention to the logic sequence. Is your reasoning understandable and clear? It will be a great idea to show your essay to someone else. A second pair of eyes is more likely to notice any mistakes.

Finally, re-read your essay and think about your grammar and wording, as well as a citation format. At last, but not least, make sure your essay doesn’t have any spelling mistakes or typos.

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