Writing an Effective Response Essay

Response essay is often used to represent what you think and feel about a book or a film. Considerably, an effective response essay should contain a properly formatted reaction of yours. Certainly, the first thing to do is to watch or read whatever you need to. While reading or watching, track your feelings and thoughts, you can even write them down.

Think about evaluation of the story or the film. Define the ideas, which are close to you, and which are not.

Organizing of your response Essay

The introduction of the response essay should contain the information about the author, title and publication you’ve read. The next several sentences should outline briefly the summary of the book or a film. At the end of the introduction you have to formulate your thesis. You should evaluate, agree or disagree with the subject. Despite the amount of information to represent in the introduction, you should enclose it in a paragraph or maximum two.

The body of the response essay should provide the ideas to support your thesis. Feel free to use quotations out of the book or a film, but be sure to avoid a simple retelling of the story. Remember, that each paragraph should contain one main idea and don’t forget about proper transitions.

Formulate the conclusion. Your conclusion should restate the thesis and main supporting ideas, summarizing everything up. Never add new information to the conclusion.

Two Ways to Formulate the Body

The paragraphs of your response essay can be represented in two different ways. The first way is to devote a paragraph or two to a summary of the book or the film, the next one or two to agreement, and the last paragraphs to disagreement (or vice versa).

Otherwise, you can devote several sentences for summary, agreement or disagreement in each paragraph of the body. In this case, each your paragraph will have such structure: the summary point, agreement/disagreement. This way of organizing a response essay is the most frequently used one.

Enjoy Your Essay

The most important thing is to enjoy writing your essay. This makes your writing more inspiring, thus involves your audience in reading more. There is also a pleasant bonus of writing a response essay: you are free to reveal your honest point of view. If the logic of reasoning is understandable, your structure and language are strong, your professors will appreciate that.

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