Essentials of Writing Research Papers

Imagine a situation… School is going to be over in a few weeks.  Excited?  Not yet.  Finals are coming and deadlines for submission of research papers are nearing too!  Not a situation to be happy with. Students sometimes dread hearing the assignment of writing a research paper.  But, actually, writing research papers could be fun!

Yes, it takes a lot of skills in writing research papers, and hard work too!  But it is easy as 1-2-3.  Just follow some essential pointers and begin writing!

TOPIC SELECTION: There is a wide area of knowledge anyone could pick.  But in order to be able to write a research paper successfully, the writer has to pick a topic that interests him or her and would like to learn more on this particular topic.  One should also take into consider that the topic should not be too broad.  This is to avoid the writer to lose focus on the subject matter.

DATA GATHERING: In any study or research, data gathering is very important.  It is the heart of the research paper.  It will help the writer to formulate the flow of the discussion and analysis on the subject matter of the research.   The writer should have a reflective judgment in gathering the correct data.  This is one of the factors that would determine the success of the research paper.  During data gathering, one should always have paper and pencil aside to note down all details or information, whether big or small.  Whatever data gathered should be grouped, categorized and arranged in order according to how the writer would like to present it.

PARTS OF THE RESEARCH PAPER: The presentation of the research paper would depend on the type of research one would like to write.  It would also depend on the teacher’s discretion on how the research paper should be presented.  Although the sections of a research papers vary, there are certain common parts the paper the writer should be aware of.

  1. TITLE PAGE (or Cover Page) – Indicated on this page is the title of the research done.  Also there is the name of the author and the submission date of the paper.  The instructor might want to add some relevant information on this page.
  2. INTRODUCTION – The theme or topic of the research is introduced in this part.  One should briefly discuss the background and importance of the paper topic.  This page gives a brief overview of what the research paper is all about.
  3. METHODOLOGY – The details of the method of what, when, where and how the research paper was done is described here.
  4. ANALYSIS AND ABSTRACT – In this section, the writer gives the summary of the research done and presents the analysis of the data gathered.  Since the writer is presenting the summary of the research done, the tone of the presentation should be in Past tense.
  5. THE RESULT – The writer presents here the actual results of the research done. In most cases, appropriate and specific data is included.  The presentation should be objective and biases should be avoided at all times.
  6. CONCLUSION – This section is where the writer presents what was learned in the research paper.  It is important to reiterate the importance of the research done by giving emphasis on the result.  Some writers include questions that had come up during the research and may become the basis of future studies.
  7. BIBLIOGRAPHY – As in many literary papers, citation is given to all references and sources the writer may have used in the process of writing the research paper.  One should at all times avoid plagiarism.  References should be presented in alphabetically arranged according to author’s name.  Volume, year, page numbers are also included.

Research papers are good foundation in learning and practicing communication skills.  Also, research papers, written as an academic requirement, prepare students in the life they are going to face after school.  They help to make right decisions in life. And we help you to write the best research papers within the expected time at affordable prices.

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