How to Use SPSS visualization in Thesis Writing

In writing thesis paper SPSS can be used to generate professional quality visualization of quantitative data. We can visualize directly from the data, or we can apply sophisticated models and use SPSS to represent the output in graphical forms for better presentation and understanding.

We can export the visualizations in both raster (*.tiff, *jpg, *.png) and vector (*.emf, *.eps) formats depending on the need of the user.

The possible types of visualization by SPSS is 2D and 3D Bar chart, area chart, line chart, high-low chart, box plot, error bar, histogram, 2D/3D scatter plot etc.


In this example our thesis writing service will show how we can incorporate visuals from raw data. To generate graph from a raw data we will use a sample subscriber dataset of broadband connection that is included in the program. To do a preliminary assessment about the distributional characteristics of the data series we will plot the histogram first. This histogram can further be compared with normal curve so that we can understand whether the data series in use has the characteristic of a normal distribution.

How to Use SPSS visualization in Thesis Writing

Figure 1: Histogram plot with normal curve.

Here, in this plot, the bars represent the frequency of subscribers and the black bell shaped curve represents the normal curve. Also on the right top side of the plot you will find the basic descriptive statistics like mean, standard deviation and number of observations.

As a separate example we can see the interaction among variables by plotting scatter diagram.

How to Use SPSS visualization in Thesis Writing_2

Figure 2: Scatterplot of car sales, horsepower and fuel efficiency.

In this figure we can see how three variables interact with each other. Also we can see there are some outliers that should be treated before running any statistical techniques on them.

Our thesis writing service can help the researchers to visualize their data from the dataset they are working. In addition to visualizing the data, we can also run sophisticated statistical techniques and generate post application graphs. From the output of SPSS we can provide professional quality image files that can be directly embedded into the word processor like MS Word or Latex.

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