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How To Write a Book Report

Book reports are very popular with teachers. Teachers help their students to express their thoughts and their understanding of the world around them through analyzing what they have read in the books.

What are the contents of book reports?

The presentation of book reports differs according to the grade level of the students. Teachers may give different requirements and formats for the students to follow.  Middle grade-level book reports provide basic information about the book and summary of the book.

Higher the grade-level of the student is, the deeper the analysis and evaluation is given on the book report.  Students are expected to make some comments, express their thoughts about what they have read in a clear way.

The Introduction

The introduction is a very important page that will leave an impression on how one’s book report will be about.  As Nicholas Sparks once said, “It’s the first impression that will either open the door or close it.”  As for the book report, the introduction will either open the book cover or close it.

Treat your introduction as your sales pitch to catch your reader’s attention. Here you should include title of the book, its author, publication information, genre and a short introduction to the plot of the book.

The Body

In making book reports, it is easier to list down notes.  This could help the student to get their ideas organized.  There are also some points to be considered such as:

–          Where and when the story took place?  Can you imagine the scenes?

–          What was the tone the book was written?  Was the author biased in writing the book?

–          Who are the main characters of the story?  Do they have important roles in the story and what are these roles?

–          What are the important scenes or events that took place in the book?

The Conclusion

As much as the introduction is a very important part of the book report, the conclusion provides additional thought on how the book left an impression on the student.  The student may also want to add some of their ideas on the following points, such as:

  • What was the main objective of the author in writing the book?
  • Was the author’s objective achieved towards the end of the book?
  • Is the book recommendable?
  • Sometimes it is needed to restate the author and the title in the writing the conclusion of the book report.

How to make book reports easier

Some useful point to consider when writing a book report without burdens:

–          Is the book worth reading? Is it enjoyable to read?  It is very important that you like what you read, as it will be easier and fun for you to make a book report on it.

–          Always have your notes beside you as you make your book report

–          Always follow your outline as you make your report

–          Include in your report the significance of the book

–          It is always advisable to regularly check the guidelines given by the teacher in making the book report.  Teachers have different requirements or set formats.

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