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How to Write a Custom Essay

Writing a custom essay can be simple by using the ABC’s of writing.  This will help you create a successful essay. 

A – Ask Questions. Ask as many questions as possible in gathering ideas for you to come up with a chosen topic.

B – Brainstorm. Engage in an organized production of ideas and information for your chosen topic.

C – Citations. Include citations or quotation in your essay to expand your topic.

D – Dictionary. Use a dictionary to correct uncertain spellings and grammars.

E – Evidence. Provide evidence for your premise or thesis as a backup.

F – Friend.  Ask a friend for opinion on your completed essay; a friend can also proofread your essay.

G – Grammar. To avoid grammatical errors put aside misquotations, misinformation and other loopholes.

H – Help. Unless you are a perfect writer, any help from books, publications and others’ points of view can be useful for your essay.

I – Ideas. Ideas can be gathered from all sources and brainstorming on these ideas can lead to a well – structured and interesting essay.

J – Journal. Keep a journal where you can write down possible ideas for a topic.

K – Knowledge. Be sure to have enough knowledge on your topic to be able to come up with a good essay.

L – Listening. Listen to any mistakes in the essay by reading it aloud.

M – Making an outline. Using an outline, putting it in your journal can help you organize your ideas.

N – Note cards.  Create note cards for quotations or citations.

O – Outline. Create an outline with the thesis sentence and at least three premises.

P – Parenthetical citations.  Use parenthetical citations wherever you make a quote.

Q – Quotations. Quotations should be used as evidence in the essay.

R – Reading. Reading sources or gathering sources can be done before beginning an essay.

S – Sources.  Sources are used to have a thesis statement.

T – Thesis Statement. Every essay should have a thesis statement.

U – Understanding. It is essential to understand the topic; these understanding can be obtained by gathering/brainstorming ideas.

V – Visit. Visit the library or surf other resources such as the Internet.

W – Writing. Start writing the essay after the outline is created and when the sources are available.

X – Xeroxing copies. Keep copies of the essay available when necessary.

Y – Yahoo.   A place to start your research is Yahoo or Google.

Z – Zooming.  Zooming through the writing process and creating a great essay using the ABC’s of writing essays

In conclusion the basic steps of writing a custom essay are:

  1. Brainstorming ideas for topics.  – If you want to write an excellent essay then the best way to start your writing is through brainstorming and researching.  Start by writing down ideas for a topic in your journal, anything that comes to your mind.  Spend a few minutes writing down possible topics and select the topic that appeals most to you or choose a topic where you can offer vivid supporting paragraphs with proper examples and discussions. Gather information from resources such as the Internet, books or journals.
  2. Create the thesis statement. – Having a thesis statement can provide a structure for your essay and can make you avoid unnecessary information or discussion in the body of your essay.  Ensure that the thesis statement is clear and precise.
  3. Create an outline – The outline can make your essay organized and focused on the thesis statement.
  4. Write a rough draft – Coming up with a draft of your essay can help you add more ideas or omit unnecessary statements.
  5. Rewrite the essay – Revise, rewrite and proofread your essay.  This may take time and effort but this will help you remove grammatical errors.

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