How to Write a Research Proposal

No research is started without a plan. Writing a research proposal is an essential step before doing the actual project and represents the plan of how the research is going to be done and elements that justify why it is worth doing. All research proposals are evaluated by the research committee and they have the authority to approve or disapprove whatever is presented to them.

A research proposal is a formal document about the author’s topic of research that details what he will do, how he will conduct the research and what are the expected results of the study. Basically, it is a framework of the actual study minus the results and the conclusion. A research proposal should also function to justify why the study is worth doing at all. It should demonstrate a strong rationale that makes the study relevant and how the expected outcome can contribute to the current knowledge on that specific area of discipline.

To gain the approval of the research committee, a proposal should be strong enough to demonstrate that the research is indeed feasible and realistic in its goals. A research that is worth doing should be novel and holds a certain promise that it will have a significant contribution in broadening what is known about the topic.

The fundamental elements of a proposal include the following: Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Expected Results, References and Budget.

The Introduction chapter should include the research statement, significance of the study and the objectives as sub sections. In the Literature Review, the chapter may be divided into subheadings based on the concepts of the existing studies about the topic. The methodology should describe the study design, the data collection procedure and how the data analysis will be done. The probable results may or may not be required in some proposal formats but a general overview of what the outcome may be is acceptable.

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