How to Write an Article Critique

An Article Critique is a critical assessment of an article or a book. It should be well thought and comprehensively written to cover all areas in the article.   The critique should be balanced and cover only one side of point of view.  It should clearly detail a problem, citing key components to deliver a strong critique, and present a claim regarding how to explain or solve it.

Here are the simple steps in achieving a good article critique:

  1. Begin by reading the book or article thoroughly and annotate as you read.  Read the article more than once to get an idea on what is written.  With the reading exercise, you will get the knowledge of what is written and you will also understand how you can move forward with the analysis.
  2. Note the author’s main point or objective and the intended audience in writing the book or article.  Also note the author’s credential in writing the article or book.
  3. Divide the book or article into different sections and write a brief summary of each thought.  Your summary should be an extract of the main points that the writer had emphasized in his/her article.
  4. State whether you agree or disagree to the author’s point of view.  Back up your decisions by stating your reasons.  For each point you mention, include specific passages from the text.  You may summarize, quote or paraphrase to provide evidence for your point of view.

Some questions that can help you in your evaluation are:

a)      Is the argument logical?

b)      Is the text well-organized, clear and easy to read?

c)       Are the author’s facts or evidences accurate?

d)      Are the evidences sufficient for the arguments?

e)      Is the article and the evidence still valid or they are outdated with the passage of time and change of people’s perceptions?

f)       Does the text help you understand the subject?

Try to highlight the weaknesses and strong points of the writer in your assessment of the article. Also try your best to drag the points out where you can say that you have successfully delivered your opinion and also inform about those points where he has lapsed to write what he wanted to write.

As a wrap up, state your Conclusion of the article critique.

The whole process of writing a critique has to be comprehensive yet concise in delivering the message of the person writing the critique.  Readers may get carried away if the critique is long or too wordy.  Readers want the result to be concise and accurate and should provide considerable amounts of insights to main position as desired originally by the article writer.

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