How to Write an Article

Article writing is not as easy as every individual think. However we are providing you some of the basic key points that should help you in writing of an excellent article. These key points are listed below:

1. Introduction
Introduction basically means why you are writing an article and what you want to get after submitting your article. Try to keep your introduction like a short story of your experience with the problem.

2. Body
Body should be the solution of your problem. You should discuss your points for solving the problem in a bulleted form and keep them consistent and relevant.

3. Conclusion
Conclusion helps reader to take action or leave it into basket. Normally conclusion includes a
brief summary of your work you have done above in whole article.

4. Resources
Article can’t be written without resources whether these are books, novels, schools, universities
or any other resources but you should provide the references for all the resources.

5. Try to write article in an informal style
Don’t write your article in a formal style. Try to explain your topic like to a friend; don’t worry too much about correcting mistakes when starting your article as there are chances  your thoughts may be interrupted and you fail in writing an effective article.

6. Break is a necessary thing for thinking again and again
Once you have done your article try to refresh your mind and come back to it in several hours to rewrite and include missing points. You will easily find your mistakes improving you article and increasing your chances of required results.

7. Recheck your article
Recheck your article again and again at least three times. Start with checking your article with the help of some spell and grammar check software then use assistance  from some professional proofreaders.

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