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Presentation on Islamic Banking and Finance

Peculiarities of Making a Presentation on Islamic Banking and Finance

Presentation is a type of formal communication between the speaker and the audience concerning some given topic. The reporter or the presenter is often the person who has researched about the given topic and who is trying to explain the different process and phenomena with help of presentation. When a person is presenting on the topic such as Islamic banking and finance, a lot of things should be kept in mind due to the vastness of the topic itself.

How to Present Your Islamic Banking and Finance Studying

Whenever a person makes a presentation about Islamic banking and finance, the purpose behind it should be to assist the audience using obtained knowledge. Hence here knowing your audience is essential. Before starting with the presentation on Islamic banking and finance, think beforehand about your topic and details that you want to discuss with the audience. Computer softwares also assist the reporter with the presentation hence making PowerPoint slides for the presentation is also recommended. The speaker should divide the topic of Islamic banking and finance into smaller parts such as sharia, riba, zakat, conventional money markets, merchandising, and put these smaller topic into each slide. This would not only help the speaker to deliver in an effective manner, but it will also help the audience get a hold of what is being talked about.

Structure of a Presentation on Islamic Banking and Finance

Clarity of the message in the presentation should be maintained and no ambiguous stuff should be put in the slides of your Islamic banking and finance presentation. Slides should follow a proper pattern and should be logically structured. First slides should introduce the topic, and the following slides should tell the background of Islamic banking and finance and also the researches done on it. Then comes the part what the presenter has researched on: his finding, results, explanations and interpretations. Use of animation in the slides to make them look good is also an additional advantage during the presentation.

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