Research Paper on Islamic Banking and Finance

What Research Paper on Islamic Banking and Finance Involves

Research papers are the papers written by students or scientists about the topic they have been researching on. Research papers are presented to the panel of judicators in order to accept the research done. Once it is accepted, they either formulate a thesis or ultimately state some law in the field of the research. Research papers are of various types which may include scholarly articles, fact finding, etc. in different spheres of study like international relations, Islamic banking and finance, etc.

Narrow Down the Topic of Your Islamic Banking and Finance Research Paper

When writing a research paper for Islamic banking and finance the first step like always is narrow down the topic to a sustainable limit. You don’t want to end up with a topic so huge which you may not be able to completely justify. Once that is done you figure out what is your basic intent of writing a research paper. Once that is done the writer or the author introduces the topic. From discussing the origin of the topic to present scenario, every major thing is touched upon in this section. You establish the significance of the Islamic banking and finance topic and explain why the topic is important for you to an extent that the writer has decided to do research upon it. Writers at times also tend to provide up-to-date information about the topic collected previously by researchers and different papers on the topic.

What You Should Discuss in Your Islamic Banking and Finance Research Paper

After all the above mentioned has been done, you describe the material of the research. In case of research on Islamic banking and finance, you should discuss whom you have interviewed and how you have collected the information. Once that is completed the research paper writer should supposedly present the results and interpretations of his or her’s research paper and should discuss if the outcomes are in accordance to the trends you initially predicted or is there any change. If your results are not in conformity with previous predictions, it would help you to establish the unforeseen reasons behind the discrepancy and debate on them.

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