SPSS in Education Research

In education research area researchers look for solving research questions by using both small scale sample and large scale demographic data. Universities or large educational institutions often want to identify the factors affecting the student performance within the institution. Also government policy makers try to see the problem region or country wise. From small to sufficiently large datasets can be used to check the theories and hypotheses in those researches. SPSS possesses excellent state-of-the-art database management utilities as well as the statistical techniques to test the theories or hypotheses.


Here we will see a very simple example by using Andy Fields’ SPSS dataset about exam anxiety. In the sav file we have data for students’ exam performance, the time spent by the students for revising, exam anxiety and the gender of the students. If we want to see how the exam performance, revision time and gender interact, we can start drawing a 3D scatter plot in SPSS.

SPSS in Education Research

Figure 1: 3D scatterplot diagram of exam performance, revision time and exam anxiety

In this figure, we see a strong correlation between exam performance and time spent on revising by the students. However, to reach more precise conclusion researchers may want to do bivariate or partial correlation statistic with significance value, multiple regression analysis. In complex situations, researchers may go for advanced models like logistic regression. SPSS can be used in all those models. Moreover, to export the output in word processor like MS Word, SPSS has the built in facility of exporting tables, figures in standard academic formats like APA.

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