The major U.S. Academic levels. Learn differences and definitions!

There is a great variety of academic levels. All of them have certain special features. If you do not know which of them will be the most useful for you future, read our analysis. We hope that this information will inspire you for studies. Be aware of what to expect at all the educational programs!

Short-Term Certificate or Non-Credit Programs: These programs are usually not very long. As a rule, they last from several weeks to several months, but never longer than one year. If you apply for such kind of program you will be offered different kinds of courses. They usually don’t qualify for a regular college credit. Besides, they do not always meet the requirements necessary for a degree or diploma awarded by an academic institution.

Group programs for Professionals: The group courses are quite similar to non-credit programs. Nowadays both group and individual programs are popular and that’s why we distinguish these two groups. The general purpose of group programs is to qualify you for a college credit and just like non-credit programs they do not always meet the requirements for getting a diploma or degree awarded by an academic institution. These courses may last up to several months, but not longer than a year.

Associate: Also known as AA (Associate Degree of Art) or AS (Associate Degree of Science). Such a degree is designed for approximately 60 credit hours and is usually earned at a junior college. Such course is usually accomplished in two academic years. The course work for your associate’s degree is usually equal to a four-year university or college. What is more, it can be applied to the requirements for a bachelor’s degree.

Bachelor: According to the definition, this is the lowest degree provided after four-year studying at college or university. You can get Bachelors Degree at one of the undergraduate colleges or universities.

Master: A Master is a person who has a higher academic level then a Bachelor, but lower than a Doctor.  When you graduate from Master’s studies you will have advanced knowledge of a certain topic, great analysis skills and the ability to solve complex problems. The average duration of Master’s studies is between two and three years, but an intensive degree can be completed in just one year.

Doctoral: A Doctor is one of the highest academic degrees conferred by a university. When you finish a baccalaureate program, some institutions offer that you continue your education at the doctorate. No one can tell you for sure how long your doctorate studies may take. Sometimes it is few years, and in other cases it may take decades.

Internships: This is a period of time during which a student or a graduate can get practical experience. The process is usually supervised by an appropriate body of your university.

Summer Programs: As you can guess from the name such classes are held in summer, more precisely-between early June and late August. If you attend such a program you will take part in almost the same activities as your mates who attend full-time classes. Like library systems, computer labs, athletic facilities, etc.

Youth/High School: If you are from 12 to 17 years old, these programs are specially for you. Academic disciplines you will study here vary. Most of them deal with such studies like language, philosophy, literature, abstract science, etc. Such programs last up to 12 weeks.

Distance learning: In case you cannot physically attend classes to receive the necessary academic level, try distance learning. Under this kind of program you can communicate with your teacher either asynchronously (at any time convenient for both of you) or synchronously (with help of technology that allows you communicate in real time).

So, these are the main kinds of academic programs and levels. Consider which of them fits you the best and choose. At we are always ready to help you with any kind of studies! You can order any writing service at our website and be sure that it will lead you to success!

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