Understanding Personal Statement / Academic Reports (A Checklist)

You can save your time and annoyance by answering to this list of reasoning at the beginning of the academic paper writing process.

The main requirement to find and synthesize information is which type of report or statement is asked from you – to argue a point with others or to discover your own responses? Does it propose that you assess a theory or model by applying it to an example from outside the course material?
So, after thinking about this helpful information your work is now to design; a report/personal statement or academic assignment expects you to use course concepts and ways of thinking; it encourages you to apply course tactic. So if you are writing a paper in accounting / finance / history, whatever this topic is, write it using your previous study concepts of accounting/ financing and any other subject required from you. So, if you use that concept during academic writing you can easily catch the attention of the reader of your academic report/personal statement or etc.
Note the key terms in the academic report / personal statement / assignment sheet, including those parts of the topic and those giving directions for dealing with it. Try to look for those words that define the kind of interpretation you should be using: why, how, analyze, compare, evaluate, argue, etc. Be sure you understand the specific meanings of these terms.
Analyzing is the most important part of your academic report / personal statement or etc, it means looking behind the shell arrangement of your source material. Try to see the affiliation of the parts to the whole.
Comparison is another term for academic writing helpful step; it means finding differences and similarities. You will need to prepare the aspects which you are looking at in each item; think organizing your paper by using these aspects as headings.
Evaluate: It asks for a judgment based on definite criteria and clearly stated verification.
Agree/Disagree is also an important step for academic writing report /personal statement or etc.  You take a stand based on analysis of solid proof and explained by clear logic.
Look for argument in the material to find matter that needs discussion. Try to look first for these topics in encyclopedias or handbooks to see how others have enclosed questions or seen problems to discuss.
The thinking stage before writing any document / statement / assignment is considered the best time to decide how to arrange your paper, not the writing or revising stage. A careful planning can save you from having to do a lot of restructure when the first draft is completed. It also permits you to pay more attention to sentence-level issues rather than on the whole issue when you sit down to write your paper.
You should ask the following questions to yourself when you are at the beginning stage: What type of essay am I going to be lettering? Does it belong to a specific field?

Do not waste your time in lengthy or other useless academic reports just follow the above discussed points before making any academic report. Just remember that practice makes perfect, and once you are used to it, you’ll have great topics swimming in your head in no time. But if you still are unable and confused about the topic, don’t worry – contact with us, we are here for you and you know that our main purpose is to secure your studying future.

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