Usage of SPSS in Public Administration Research

Public administration officials often face the question whether they are successfully able to put the state or government policy in practice. Sometimes policies are implemented but officials want to see if the implemented policies do have any impact in practice. In these cases officials need to collect data from the field and try to understand the policy dynamics. Without using different software in different platform they can start with SPSS as their data input tool. SPSS has user friendly database input system in spreadsheet like interface. After inputting data into the spreadsheet, we can clean the data by using in-built tools of SPSS. Finally, once the data is ready, we can apply different statistical techniques to test the theories and hypotheses. Our thesis writing service will demonstrate the application of SPSS in public administration research in the following example.


To demonstrate the use of SPSS in public administration discipline we will use the sample dataset Employee_data.sav provided by SPSS. In this data, the variable labels are gender of the employee, educational level, employment category, current salary, beginning salary, hiring months, previous experience and minority classification. The administration may wonder if there is any racial discrimination in getting salaries in the institution. To do that they can use the linear regression model having the salary level as dependent variable and the rest as independent variables. From SPSS we have the following output:

Usage of SPSS in Public Administration Research

Table: Multiple regression output assuming current salary is affected by education, experience, starting salary, experience and minority identity.

From the SPSS output we also found the coefficient of determination is more than 80%. And from the regression output table we found that all the variables except race affects the salary level of the employees significantly. That means race doesn’t matter in salary level.

Like this example our thesis writing service can support researchers to apply and interpret the output sophisticated methodologies in public administration areas. The methodologies we cover range from simple descriptive statistics to advanced logistic regression analysis.

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