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Usage of SPSS in Statistics

Like the name says SPSS is primarily a program for the application of statistical techniques. And as we know today the application of statistical techniques has no bounds. From political science to marketing management, statistical analysis is an integral part of the discipline. In addition to the standard survey or observational data treatments facilities SPSS can also do sophisticated simulations for statisticians to test their theory and/or hypothesis they are working on.


In this simple example we are going to simulate a binomial distribution. Flipping a coin is a perfect and widely used example for this kind of distribution. The outcome of flipping a coin can take only two values, head or tail, or numerically, we can refer this as 1 and 0. SPSS has a built-in function knows as rv.binomial available for this. We can write a nice syntax to generate such kind of series by using the following codes:

SET seed=10000.


LOOP id = 1 to 50.

COMPUTE coinout = RV.BINOMIAL( 1 , .5 ).






In this SPSS syntax example, SPSS creates 50 observations of coin flipping. By using SPSS researchers can simulate various data series to facilitate their research. The can test their model before going to expensive field surveys, or test their model without making anything empirical survey. They just need to assume a distribution based on the data generating process and SPSS will generate the process and give the output as you wish.

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