Usage of SPSS in Thesis Writing

Over the last decades many disciplines in social science arena get quantitative exposure in many of their subfields. One very influential reason for this is that with the growing computational capabilities of computer technologies social science researchers are now able to test their theoretical models empirically.

Like the social science disciplines, other areas like business, mathematics, statistics, and medicine – all are getting benefits of increasing computing power of the computer machines.

However, unlike to old era, despite there is a growing tendency of complexity from the methodological part, now we have advanced easy-to-use tools to test our theories, hypotheses and/or models. Also, over the years, the available computerized database also gets huge in size. SPSS (originally, it was called Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) is such a tool to ease down the complexity.

Although, original SPSS was intended to help social scientists, nowadays it can be used in many different areas, e.g.:

  1. Political science
  2. Sociology
  3. Anthropology
  4. Population science
  5. Various medical science disciplines like virology, neural analysis, impact study of treatments etc.
  6. Marketing research, forecasting market trends
  7. Financial market research, testing the properties of financial markets like stationary, co-integration
  8. Mathematical/Statistical model building, testing, simulation
  9. Education research
  10. Macroeconomics, impact assessment of macroeconomic stimulations, factor analysis etc.

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