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Useful Phrases for writing Academic Papers

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Points to Remember While Writing

You can start writing in several ways. Some of them are:

Writing a Thesis...

With Us:

  • Free Outline
  • Progress Updates
  • Recent Sources
  • Data Analysis
  • Free Bibliography
  • Introduce the definition and scope of your subject briefly.
  • Explain the purpose of your writing.
  • Summarize the topic and the writing pattern.


  • The primary issues covered in this writing are as follows:
  • This writing is categorized into four parts which are as follows:
  • First chapter discusses…
  • This writing gives a brief overview of…
  • The first part of this writing will discuss…

Highlighting the Keywords

  • In this writing, the term XYZ will refer to…
  • In this writing, the following abbreviations will be used:
  • In this writing, the following acronyms will be used:
  • In this writing, the following synonyms will be used:

Explaining Scope of the Topic

  • Recently, there has been an increasing interest in the field of…
  • The past few years have seen the rapid development of…
  • Over the past century there has been a striking increase in…

Highlighting a Problem

  • However, the main issue with this solution is…
  • Despite the positive aspects, it has some major issues.
  • There are some grave concerns that…

Highlighting a Disputation

  • There has been a disagreement about…
  • There is a contradiction about…
  • This theory was challenged by…
  • One major issue in early X research concerned…….

Highlighting a Focus

  • This writing will focus on…
  • The purpose of this writing is to…
  • The aim of this writing is to…
  • This writing attempts to …

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