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Why do we need LaTex in thesis writing?

LaTeX is a document preparation system for high-quality typesetting. Mostly it is used in scientific document preparation. However, it can be used in other casual writing as well. LaTex itself is not a word processor. The user needs to use text editors to write the LaTex codes and by using LaTex, he/she can compile it to a maximum quality pdf or ps document.

LaTex in Thesis Writing Service

Figure: Vector graphics vs. raster/bitmap graphics. Source: Wikipedia.

There are several advantages of using LaTex in your thesis writing. These are described as follows:

  1. Firstly, it’s free.
  2. The user needs to put minimum attention to spend time in formatting. Once it is defined in the beginning of the LaTex document, the document processor will take care of the spacing and other issues very efficiently.
  3. LaTex supports vector graphics format like EPS or PS. That means, the user can print his/her document ensuring the best quality possible.
  4. LaTex supports wide range of platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix. So, once it is written in any of the platforms, it can be compiled and used in other platforms too.
  5. We simply don’t have any better alternative in writing advanced and complex mathematical symbols. It is correctly spaced and synchronized with the rest of the text without wasting time on formatting.

Our thesis writing service can provide LaTex help to the students-researchers in such ways as:

  1. Creating LaTex template for institutional/personal use
  2. Converting Word documents into LaTex documents
  3. Support making vector graphics from raster/bitmap graphics to use in LaTex documents. We can recreate graphs, pie charts from MS Excel in vector supported software like Matlab, SPSS, Stata or R.
  4. Support creating LaTex based presentation slides based of Beamer package
  5. Provide consultation to setup LaTex environment in platform like Windows, Linux, Unix or Mac.

Our thesis writing service specialists are eager to help you with any LaTex requests. Feel free to ask for assistance and you will get high quality professional research writing services!

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