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Admission Essay on How to Describe yourself Using 3 Adjectives

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Adjectives can describe one’s character, but if you would come to a person on a street and ask him to describe him or herself using only three adjectives, he or she will be thinking for a long time before saying anything. This is not because that person has nothing to say about him or herself, but rather because there are so many adjectives that fit for one person, that it is difficult for them to choose the best ones.

Determined, sympathetic, smart, diplomatic, dependable, tolerant, modest, confident, knowledgeable, trustworthy, polite, logical, dedicated, patient, loyal, compassionate, forgiving, grateful, caring, apologetic, etc., there are hundreds or even thousands of adjectives that describe people’s characters and if someone would approach me with a question on describing my personality in three adjectives, I would consider the choices for a very long time.

I am compassionate, I am caring, I am loyal, I am dependable, I am knowledgeable, I am polite and logical, I am sympathetic and, definitely, forgiving, grateful and apologetic, so it would be very difficult for me to decide what three adjectives characterize me the best. Nevertheless, if I would have to make a decision, I would say that I am reliable, compassionate and knowledgeable and these adjectives would describe me the best…

Thesis Writing Service Advices On Writing An Admission Essay On Adjectives That Characterize You The Best

According to Thesis Writing Service, the above passage can serve as an example of a good introduction of an admission essay on such topic as “adjectives that describe you the best.” Author did a great job telling how hard it is for people to decide what adjectives characterize them the best and then provided the ones he or she thinks best fit his or her character, so if you will be asked to write an essay on such topic, you will know what it should look like.