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Admission Essay on The Best Advice You Have Ever Received

All our life we make decisions about different things like what clothes to wear, what college to go to, what car to buy, what food to cook, what movie to watch and so on. We make these decisions based either on our own knowledge or based on someone else’s advice.

Everyone has family members, friends and colleagues. They often influence our decisions due to the fact that they know more about certain things  than we do. For example, your friend has already been to a movie you would like to go, so he or she can give some piece of advice on whether to watch that movie or not. Besides that, we often read and listen to what other people say about various things on TV and radio in a form of advertising and that also influences our decisions.

Advice that we get can be either good or bad (truthful or untruthful) and may lead to certain consequences either good or bad depending on what decision you will make based on someone else’s advice. You can choose to take it into consideration or not, but there are times when you have to make a certain decision, so some advice can only help. Different people live different lives and choose different things to do in life, different clothes to wear, etc., but when it comes to one single most important decision in their life, many people agree that there are only a few pieces of advice that matter the most and are usually provided by the closest friends and/or family members…

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