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Admission Essay on The greatest risk in your life

For some individuals making a decision about their business is the biggest rink in their life, while for others health risks matter the most. As for me, the greatest risk in my life so far is in deciding to pursue college education. Not all members of my family have college or university degrees and were always convincing me that education is not everything, and that if you have been destined to achieve success, then you will, no matter what.

At first I agreed with them and didn’t care much for my high school education, but later on I realized that not everything depends on chance and if you will just sit and wait for something good to happen, hundred of years may pass until it happens. So, I decided to take my chances and get a college education.

It was quite risky, because my family did not support me and due to the fact that there was no college near my hometown, I needed to move out of my parents’ house and look for a place to live. Besides that, my parents told me that they will not help me with my tuition and that they will not give me any money. I had to take a student loan in order to pay for my tuition and that was the biggest risk in my life, because I didn’t know how well I am going to do in college and what I will be doing afterwards…

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