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Admission Essay on The Greatest Technological Innovation of This Century

Human beings are constantly researching and improving things in order to simplify our lives and make them more convenient. There are many inventions that have been discovered in 21 century, but I think that the most significant one is wireless communication technology. As little as few years ago people were unable to communicate from any place on Earth, send and receive documents, socialize, watch movies, listen to news or music outside their offices or homes. However, when wireless communication technologies were invented it became possible to do all these things with the help of a simple device – mobile phone.

Nowadays, you can hardly imagine life without possibilities of a modern mobile phone. By using it, you can talk to an individual from literally any place on the planet, you can browse internet and do online shopping. Also, you can read the latest news or watch TV, etc. If you need, you can review and edit various documents with the help of your cell phone or play games on it. Mobile phones simplified our lives a lot and helped us to become more independent, enabling us to handle more tasks while doing them faster and more efficiently.

However, not everything is so great, because there is a lot of online fraud and scams and there is no way to avoid it, because it is almost impossible to track individuals in the WWW. Viruses, scams, frauds, unlawful content is just the top of the iceberg called “Wireless Communication Technology” and it is difficult to foresee what else is hidden behind this great technological advancement…

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