Admission Essay on Without What Invention Would Our World be Better?

What invention would our world be better without? Every individual that is being asked such question comes up with a different answer. Some people say that computers are the biggest evil and that the world should be better off without them. Others consider weapons to be the worst invention while yet other people think that religion or bribery are the worst inventions.

I think that the worst invention is yet to come. Of course there are some negative inventions, but they can be viewed from different perspectives. For example, majority of people consider nuclear weapons to be the ultimate evil and the worst invention in the history; however, when you come to think of it, what would it be like for either USA or USSR during the cold war without nuclear weapons? If you are an American, then you are probably thinking “Thank God that we have some nuclear missiles or otherwise we would be all dead by now!” The same goes for Russian citizens.


Another controversial invention is nuclear power plants and genetically modified organisms, because from one perspective it would be better off and safer without them, but from another point of view, nuclear power is the cheapest source of electricity on the planet and genetically modified products is the only way to feed over 6 billion people that inhabit Earth…

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Basically, almost every invention can be viewed from different angles and be treated as a negative one or the one that leads to disastrous consequences. In your admission essay you can choose to write about anything from a simple light bulb to the most sophisticated robot, but as long as you will be able to provide sufficient evidence that supports your point of view, you will succeed on your admission essay.

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