MBA Admission Requirements

What does it take to get into business school? The general requirements for admission are similar for most MBA schools and may vary only in specific details such as the minimum GPA requirement and GMAT scores. Basically, an applicant is evaluated based on academic, professional as well as personal profile. If you are interested in applying for an MBA program here are the common admission process requirements in MBA schools.

  • Undergraduate Degree – a Bachelor’s degree is required for all applicants. Degrees from foreign universities should be equivalent to a U.S. Bachelor’s degree.
  • GMAT – all applicants must have taken the GMAT. Some business schools set a minimum GMAT of 570 for applicants but other schools such as Stanford Graduate School of Business do not have a minimum requirement. The GRE is an accepted alternative to GMAT in most institutions.
  • Resume – applicants should submit an updated resume.
  • Transcript of Records – institutions may only require an unofficial transcript or an electronic transcript. They may request for your official records only when you get accepted.
  • Letters of Recommendation – the admission committees of school would usually require 2 letters of recommendation. Some business schools require that one or both letters should be from someone who knows you professionally like a supervisor or a manager from your workplace. Some institutions such as Stanford require 3 letters of reference, two from a workplace/professional reference and one from a peer reference. Letters of reference may be submitted online or through mail depending on the admissions policy of the institution.
  • TOEFL – foreign students must submit their TOEFL scores. Each business school sets different minimum scores; a minimum of 100 for the paper-based TOEFL test is required in some but some business institutions set the bar higher to about 600.
  • Essay – most business schools require not just one but a series of essays each with a different topic. The essays help the committee in evaluating applicants at a personal level. It is the part of the application process where aspiring MBA students can show the admissions committee who they really are as a person.

MBA Admission requirements of each school may vary. The above list includes only the general elements required in an MBA application. Visit the admissions page of the business school of your choice for more specific requirements.

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