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MBA Recommendation Letter

Getting accepted in a top MBA program depends on several credentials – undergraduate transcript, GMAT score, and recommendation letters.  It may be just one of the requirements for application but reference letters for an MBA candidate should be given the same importance as any of the documents because it is the only part that requires the effort of other people.

Most MBA admissions requirements specify 2 letters of recommendation from their applicants. Here are some helpful tips on how to make sure that your recommendation letters will add weight to your application and increase your chances of getting in.

  • Choose the Right People as Reference – applicants are given the liberty to choose the persons who will write their recommendation letters and it is best to pick those who are in the position to justify that you are worthy of the chance to get an MBA. This means that the best people who can write your reference letters are those who know you well and do not necessarily hold the highest position in the company. Do not go for the big names; rather ask for a recommendation from your manager or supervisor since they are the best individuals who can evaluate your professional, managerial and leadership potential.
  • Be Clear with your Objectives and Expectations – Provide information about what quality or leadership aspect you want the writer to highlight on. Each recommendation letter should provide a take on different aspects of your skills and potentials; one letter can focus on your managerial abilities while the other can focus on your specific leadership skills and how you have made a difference in the company. Give your recommenders all the specific information they can use to produce a sincere and objective letter.
  • Give the Writers Enough Time – Ask for the recommendation weeks ahead of the application deadline to give your boss or supervisor ample time to write and think about how they are going to construct the letter to your advantage. This also allows enough time for editing or any revisions necessary.

The recommendation letter is as important as any part of the application for business school. Choosing the right people is very crucial because the MBA admissions committee will evaluate your application based on what your recommenders have to say about you. Doing things right is the first step in propelling your MBA application to the top.

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