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Selecting your MBA specialization

Two-year MBA program was designed in such a way: you’re learning during the first year specifics of the management concept in general and in the second year you’ve got an opportunity to choose among the wide range of specialization subjects. The main specializations are: Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, IT/Systems, Operations, and Entrepreneurship. Second year is also based on practical exposure of received knowledge and students are involved in many case studies and project works.

As usual, when you’re applying to particular business school, you have to determine specialization you’re going to get further. This choice plays very important role also in school selection, because every school has its own profile and is oriented on special pathways. For example, MBA in biotechnology is taught not in every business school.

It’s highly important to select “your” own way, without regarding on the salary, market conditions, friends’ and relatives’ wish. No matter what specialization you will choose, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that employees with graduate degrees receive in general higher earnings and have lower unemployment rates. The route you’re going to put your feet on must bring you joy and desire for further work.

Among the factors that can influence on your choice are finances, work experience and your GMAT score. Cost of MBA program varies greatly in different schools, depending on their prestige, popularity, history and location. The higher MBA program you’re going to apply to, the wider your work experience should be. Required GMAT score for entrance also depends on the business school and selected program: some private schools don’t have such requirement at all.

Here is a little guide for those, who are uncertain in their decision:

  • Production and Operations are for machines-lovers with mechanical ability;
  • if you love to investigate, evaluate, and have good communication skill you should opt for Marketing;
  • artistic students who over to work in unstructured environment have a scope in strategy;
  • Human Resources development is for in-loved to train and can manage the work force;
  • data loving guys have a great career in financial world and should go for Finance.

These are some points to get you ready for MBA specialization choice.

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