A particular situation when you displayed leadership

Abilities are the essence of person’s personality.

All of us are blessed with many abilities hidden or on the surface of our personality. We just need to shine our visible strengths and need to bring out our hidden qualities. During our life many situations arrives where we go through different situations. Only in tough moments we can judge our potential.

Leadership is a versatile quality and cannot be adopted. It is some where hidden in the gene that composes a leader. It’s a unique quality which requires understanding of minds and thoughts, polite attitude to hear other’s opinion, strong enough to implement decision on a team or a group of people. Leadership does not acquire rigidity or harsh tones. One can influence others with soft words and determined tone.

Being an active participant of the extracurricular activities of school, I was selected as a leader of Golden star group. As a leader I had many responsibilities to perform. Our school was divided in four equal groups with respect to number of students. Each one of these group was properly named. And there was a group leader of every group. The group leader was chosen by voting of the same group of the students.  And I was nominated from 8 candidates as the group leader of the golden star group.

There were many tasks performed by the group leaders. It was my responsibility as a group leader to gather all the students of my group. And then to choose from them the most talented students for different extracurricular activities.  These activities include sports, debates, essay writing, quizzes and many more.

Being a group leader, it was not an easy task to select 20-30 students from a group of around 300 students. I had to keep in view many things. I arranged competition for every activity in my group to select the most talented students for further proceedings. I gave every student full chance to show his/her skills and abilities, so that the best of the best could be selected. Being a leader, I also had to keep motivating the students who were not selected. This motivation was provided them through words and in the form of participation certificates.

Now the selected students were to be prepared for the inter-group competitions. It was my duty being a leader, to motivate my participants and students. I arranged their rehearsals after school timings. I made them realized that they were the most talented ones and they could won the competition. I had to keep up their spirits and moral.

Then, among 24 students of my group, 13 were selected for inter school competition. And there were total 19 students participating in the inter school competitions from our school. 13 out of these 19 were from golden star group, my group. I felt so proud of them and myself when I heard this news. It was the symbol of my great leadership skills.

Afterwards, our school didn’t win the competition. But three of the students of golden star group were awarded trophies. I still feel it as one of my biggest life time achievement, which I will never forget.

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