Admission Essay on Someone’s Role and Collaboration in Some Group Project

Project is any work or task that has to be completed in time and when the task is to be accomplished in a group or with a group it is termed as a group project.

There is a saying “if you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go with a group.” While going alone one uses his/her own mental attitude and moves according to his/her past experiences which may be bitter sometimes. But in a group, the members of a group are all unique and there are as many minds in there as the number of members. The group discussions on the project mark out the results caused due to the negative experiences of an individual. That is why it is recommended to have group discussions.

The positive decisions that come out of the discussion or from the individual experience form the strong and firm basis for the progress in the future time. Apart from the combined or collaborated decisions, a group can perform various functions. To complete any project in time, dedication, money, hard work, moral support are some of the aspects which are needed to be lit up by the spot light. The members of the project have these properties. The hard working members get the moral support and the morally sound members do work hard to stay in the group with a dignity. To complete the project a lot many problems have to be conquered. Different problems are conquered by the different members of the group.

I and my partner got the project which has to be completed in the specified time. Alone, it would have been a challenging task but having a partner with you of an opposite sex simplified the things. The group was of a male and a female as the members which accelerated the work progress. Different processes going on in the two minds were simply out of the way to each other but when applied simultaneously proved results which were of immense value to the project.

In the group there is a drawback that due to the clashes in the point of views of different members, the work gets little slower but work never gets setback. Any decision after warm clashes proves good for the project. On the contrary, decision by an individual on a project may be fast but always has the major risk getting it wrong. Doing a project in the group proves to be good if all the members realize their respective responsibilities.

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