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Admission essays on How You Express Your Inner World and What the World around You Responds

Inner world is what a person thinks from the deepest part of his/her mind. It is different for different people based on one’s experiences, heredity factors and likes/dislikes. That inner voice is the most spiritual and true. It is what a person wants from his/her true spirit. Relieving him/her from all the doubts and responsibilities will cause him/her to join the path which is shown by his inner world. This world is immense, very big, very small, very colorful, very light, very dull, very happening. It is all of this. It depends only on an individual.

Every person, young or old, male or female experiences this at some point of their surroundings. When one experiences it, his/her actions somewhat get affected by the feelings of the inner world and simultaneously the inner world starts reflecting the actions of the real world.

People use different ways of expressing the inner world or it would be better to say that the inner world gets reflected by different ways like novels, paintings, music, solving mathematical problems etc. The inner world is generally expressed by that means which an individual likes or which he/she is interested in.

For me it is painting. Painting is what I like most as my leisure activity. During painting, my mind gets fully opened and functional. I enjoy it. This enjoyment allows me to get an insight of what is being going on in my inner world. My paintings consist of music and that is what I call “the serious addiction to music.” Music gets me all above my worries and I feel isolated, happy and the aura of that enjoyment is all over the mind. My paintings reflect it.

Different instruments painted in vivid colors, a person walking in the rain and listening to the music etc. This is my entire inner world that allows me to paint. I feel music for every situation. Paintings are able to represent that. The surprising thing is when the surrounding world responds in the similar fashion or related to it. The world around you gets musical after observing the paintings. It is like everything that is in your mind has been conveyed to the world through the most expressive ways. The way of expressing the world is different for everybody. It just needs the right coordination between inner world and your expression.

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