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Best Advice Someone Ever Received Or Given

This can be best marriage advice for couples. When two people fall in love, they think that it is the most beautiful thing for them. They think that they both can spend full life with each other or they can look at these eyes forever. Then they feel that they can tie the knot with each other and start off to a great life together, but after a few years they feel that they cannot spend their lives with each other. This is the biggest question from the both sides that what went wrong? This is a typical example of what marriages have become. The answer for this question is that what the couple expected to find in marriage was not there. As many people think that after they are called as married couple they are finished with their problems and there is no need of any truth further but the best thing to deal with this is having a prior knowledge of what marriage is all about. Young people get the advice of marriage from many sources, and the best sources are spiritual leaders and, people who have been in marriage for a long time. Even Internet provides you with great advice from experts, which will make your marriage heavenly. This advice is given to those people who are about to get married and, those who are married. They can discuss on those issues, and ensure that they understand. Going through the other articles, I came across a lot of great pieces of advice from people.

As many people were asked to write or post their best marriage advice ever given to them in certain articles some of things I found were very amazing. Firstly young and old people advised that couple should not date with each other if they are not going to be married. Many couples have been pushed into marriages with couples they would consider last, to get married to. As the fear of being alone and the stress of society will push certain people to get married to people who are not of their choice. Another thing is to maintain your identity. There are many unhappy people who enter into marriage in search for happiness. Many females get into this trap and end up being disappointed and desperate housewives. If you have any aspiration, it is vital for you to consider it because you will not find similar fulfillment in marriage.

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