Describe your most substantial achievements

Success and achievements are a part of everyone’s life.

No one can go without them. There are very rare people who don’t have any achievements in their career or life at all. When I look back in my past, I see many achievements. Since my birth, it has been a wonderful and learning journey so far. I enjoyed every bit of it.

As I remember the first biggest and substantial achievement I had was in 4th grade. It was a junior school quiz competition. And I was nominated by my class teacher for the quiz. Right from my selection, I was very excited about the quiz. I put all my efforts in the preparation of the quiz. And consequently, I was awarded the first prize. It made me, my family, my classmates and my teachers very excited and proud. I can never forget my 1st achievement.

I was keenly interested since my childhood in debates, and I am now as well. For the very first time I participated in a debate competition when I was in high school. And afterwards it became my habit to be a participant of every debate competition. So far I have won three trophies in debate competitions. All of them were awarded me during inter schools debate competitions. And I hope to keep repeating the same in future as well.

Then there is another substantial achievement of my school life. I was selected as an event organizer. I was selected amongst 20 students. The first event which I organized was a sports event. It was a fabulous experience. I arranged all the play areas for baseball, badminton, table tennis, basketball and gymnastics. Sitting arrangements for spectators, refreshment arrangements and stage decoration was organized under my supervision. I also organized prize distribution ceremony at the end. And most importantly, I was awarded the best event organizer of the year.

This is not all. The biggest of all my achievements was related to my whole career. I was also awarded as an honored student of my grade. It was due to the fact that I was outstanding in my overall studies besides my extracurricular activities. After being awarded the honored student award my interest in my studies was multiplied. I started working even harder. It was like a motivational push for me.

In my point of view, achievement is not only tangible which could be awarded.

There are intangible achievements as well, which only belong to the individual who has been awarded for it. Such an achievement is also important. I never gave any chance of complaint to my teachers. My family and friends never complaint that they are not getting full time from me. They are always happy and comfortable with me. Whenever any of my friends needs me, I am there to help him/her out, no matter what time of the day it is, no matter how important tasks I have to do, no matter how I am feeling, I am always there for them. Same goes true for my family as well. I never missed any of my family trips due to my homework; I always try to finish my homework before time to manage such occasions. I never missed any birthday parties, marriages, get together or any other occasion or party. And I think this one of my most substantial achievement. I never give any chance to anyone to point finger towards me.

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