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Give the information about your life mistakes and what you’ve learned from them

It is not easy to realize about our mistakes at the same age.

When the time passes gradually, our previous life highlights many mistakes which are unrecoverable in present. But if we could be able to distinguish between a mistake and a right act I think there will be no mistakes at all in our lives. The sense of right decision comes to a person at a specific age frame.

Some mistakes are common we use to repeat in our daily life. Like I had a bad habit of not closing the bathroom tap properly. I do the same every day and forget about that as usual. Most of the time mom closes it and I even don’t know when she does that. Mom was not at home that day and I went into my room. Two hours later I went downstairs and saw that everything was wet, the carpet, furniture, mates and the newspaper too. Open tap stroke my mind and I hurriedly ran towards the bathroom. I was so shameful about my act that I decided to get rid of this bad habit.

When I was 12, I was carefree, unresponsive and naughty like all others. I never overview my exam test after finishing. I had my English test and a baseball match after exam. I attempted my test so quickly to join the team outside. Test was easy and I was pretty confident about the grades. But when it came to my hand after checking I got C grade with plenty of spelling errors. It was a shameful moment for me. My teacher gave her remarks that she was not expecting this level of test from me. I realized if I had overviewed my test then I could had picked out the common errors myself. I promised myself not to repeat this again.

Last year I got the permission to drive my father’s car during daytime along with my family. I was so confident about my driving but my father always advices me to drive carefully and with present mind. One day my friends wanted me to join them and have a party at beach. They insisted me to bring my father’s car. I hesitated for a while but the excitement filled my mind and I took the car. All of us were so happy and planning for the party. I focused my mind on the planning rather on driving. Suddenly an old lady stepped out to cross the road. She was so near to the car that I was unable to handle the situation and the car struck a post on roadside. She was safe but the car wasn’t. I called my father and told him about the accident. He was happy to see me uninjured. But I felt so guilty and wrote my father’s quote on my mind to drive attentively.

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