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A Sample Essay With A Topic "How did you get caught?"

It was 3pm in Bangkok. My school was over. More than 500 students were trying to save from strictness of teachers because of the heavy traffic in our school. School was full of fans, but there were no air conditioners to keep the atmosphere fresh and cool as well. In winters there were no heaters to keep us feeling warm. In school there was a group of 4-5 students or u can say ‘naughties’ who act like street fighters. They always try their petty conversation with the innocent students. They just want money. For those poor students whose pockets were always emptied was not able to escape from the group of ‘naughties’. I grew up in this environment.

As time passed away, I developed a clear reputation of being the poorest boy of all times. I did not carry any cash in my pockets and I did it purposely so that I can make my way to home haste free. I get success.

One day, I received a $5 USD in cash as I started my part time business of application essay writing service. I took it and put in the pocket of my jeans. Normally I used to save the money in my piggy bank but that day I was very tired after so much work, I immediately fell asleep. I forgot that I put $5 in my pocket, wore the same jeans the next day.

I was really hungry that noon so I decided to have rice cake worth around $4. I went to rice cake shop and bought rice bundled compacted into little cubes covered in brown bean powder. I opened the cake pack and transferred onto my hands. One of the ‘naughties’ was there with his rotten smile. He came close to me so that I could feel his desire for a petty conversion. I put the piece of rice cake in my mouth and enjoy the melting feeling. I closed my eyes as I was enjoying cake. When I opened my eyes, his eyes were inches away from my cake. I turned around and started running. I ran across the school field. I ran away because I had to keep whatever was on my hand to myself. The desired to eat I ran so fast that I was not able to feel my heart beat.

I had to consume one piece from my hand so again I enjoyed the taste of that delicious cake. It was yummy that I could never obtain because of its cost. Suddenly I feel one of the senior hands brushed my back and that time I thought I was dead for a second. I ran not fro the safety of my body but because of the sake of saving the rest of the cake. I could not throw the last piece. I was a meter away from him.

But I learn one thing the determination to achieve something made possible everything.

You want to know what happened to me that day. I did get caught by that ‘naughty’ and handled him money left in my pocket, but I finished the rice cake before he chased me.

Yummy cake I must say.

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