A Sample Essay With A Topic

“The general feeling about Wednesday that pops out in the mind is that it’s the third day of the week, provided the week starts on Monday, which encounters the human race four, sometimes five times a month.

The Indian name of Wednesday is ‘budhvaar’ which means the day of the ‘Budh’ or the planet Venus.  The planet is known as bright star due to which the day is also considered to have same properties in Indian mythology. Wednesday comes in between of two successive holidays of Sunday assigning it the status of one of the hard working days.  The work of the full week is at the maximum pace on this day.

I, as a student find the day as a good one to make a leap of progress. As the Wednesday morning sun rises, the heart feels good and the mind gets brighten up with spectacular and new innovative ideas of performing new tasks. The soul and the mind converges all of its powers on the task that is under my supervision on this very day. I feel that the day has been made to fulfill the needs, to work patiently and progressively in the field chosen by an individual and most importantly, to be happy. On the personal lines, the works which I feel to be very important or the things which I think will affect me in future, I prefer to do them on Wednesday and the reason behind this is neither scientific nor logical or any other. It is only the deep thought inside the brain, may be subconscious, which guides me to anything radiating positive energy to its surroundings. I receive that energy from Wednesday.

My past experiences relating to the day forces me to attend to the thoughts that my mind produces. I started application essay writing service and editing admission essays for my colleague students. The business flourished very well. Again when due to some reasons I could not buy a laptop on this day, I had to resell it within three months of purchase at nearly half of the purchasing price. It did not satisfy me. So I bought the same model on Wednesday. A step which made my belief more firm on the importance of the day because the new laptop is still running efficiently even after three years of its purchase. The most important reason for this belief is that I was born on Wednesday.

The importance of Wednesday is immense for me. I feel it, I see it and I acquire it.”

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