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How to Write an Essay on What Your Research Topic Could Be and Why?

“Save the earth or you will perish”. My teacher in my school gave this topic to write an essay. The most vibrating thing that hit me was the tree. God has created this marvel and it should always acquire the place of eighth wonder of the world.

So, my research topic would be the tree. How I can increase the lifetime of tree? How can I grow a fully grown tree in less than a day? These areas will be of the utmost importance during my research.

‘Tree’ a four letter word is one of the most essential ingredients of a healthy human life. These four letters when combined together can do hell of jobs which make this planet a better place to live. The surface of the earth is covered with 70% of water and the rest is land. On this land live humans, animals, birds, other wildlife species and trees. Trees support lives if all these. Trees only know to give but they really do not know to take.

A single large tree cleans tons of air in its lifetime. The carbon dioxide which a human or an animal exhales, is consumed by a tree. Moreover a tree gives out oxygen which is vital for the respiration in the human body. A tree is a good producer of fruits and vegetables. These fruits and vegetables are the sources of important vitamins, minerals and other food components for the human body. The wood or the timber from the trees is the source of paper, glue and its timber is used to make furniture also. The roots of the trees go beneath the earth a long way which binds the soil and prevent soil erosion. Tree is also the shelter for various wildlife species.

Despite of knowing all these benefits and considering the tree a major living thing, it is being cut at a pace where there is no mercy. The reckless cutting of the trees by human for its own greed has increased to that extent from where it is impossible to turn back and also without this cutting a lot important stuff would go missing. There will be no furniture and paper. Imagining this is tough.

Taking the benefits of the tree when it is alive and even when it has been fallen down is possible only when I succeed in my research and come out with what I want.

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