If you were to write a book, on what theme or subject matter would it be based, and why?

Whenever a teenager is asked for writing a book, plenty of options are available. Most of them are related to teen age activities like fun, parties, sports and many more.  If I would be asked to write a book, I will be writing on “child psychology”. I feel myself still a mystery for others. I want to explain to my readers that every human being is different from psychological point of view. Every individual has his/her own ways of thinking, reacting, feeling, perception, attitudes and motives.

Every teenager is not only interested in fun and entertainment. We students are perceived as careless and fun loving only. I as an adolescent want to tell every one that we are actually very sensitive and well lighted about our responsibilities and future. Many adventures are waiting for us in this life we have to experience them all.

It is certain, we can’t learn without mistakes. We can only learn with our wrong decisions. It’s true that our elder family members want us to be protected against all kind of life failures. With this fast moving life, everything is changing rapidly but not our elder’s thoughts. I want to explain this to my elders in my book to have confidence in us and our capabilities. We can meet the challenges of this age with our high spirits. Among our elders, everyone must have gone through the same sprites as we are going through now. They should understand that contemporary behaviour of any teenager is due to his or her nonprofessional and inexperienced life. It will automatically be settled with physical, mental and professional growth.

I don’t want to be titled as a rebel. So I don’t explain myself with a loud voice or aggression. I have an opportunity to write, and tell them what I think and what are my goals with some solid reasons as I think writing is more powerful medium to elaborate oneself.

Child psychology can help our elders to understand our feelings, personality traits, our strengths and weak points. Every child is not as gifted as any other would be, every child is different. Every single child should be treated as per his/her own capabilities. Parents need to understand child’s abilities. If he/she is not highly intellectual or creative, don’t blame him/her because it wasn’t his/her choice to be like this.

Teachers can play an extremely important role to make their student’s life and future safe. Encouragement and confidence can raise a scattered individual into a strong, healthy and well groomed personality. All what we need is to read a child’s psyche and help him to shine and grow.

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